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True North Research specializes in corporate due diligence and business intelligence. Because we are a smaller firm, we give you faster turnaround, with cost-effective solutions tailored to your business requirements. We have resources around the world, so when you need records from Canada, the US, the EU or an offshore country, we are your research connection. Free up your staff and use ours to maximize efficiency.

Our clients include major telecom and IT firms, international banking, credit card and POS vendors, and retail giants. We are the research outsource provider of choice for top-tier legal firms, as well as smaller law firms with no in-house librarian. True North Research is proud to provide the same level of personalized service to numerous small- and medium-sized businesses.

Corporate Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence is your best insurance for orderly, professional business relationships. Find out what you need before going into business with another party. TNR has experience researching the junior mining sector, oil patch transactions, the film industry, telecoms, and banking and credit providers.

  • "Know your customer or your supplier"
  • Compliance with money laundering regulations, including FINTRAC
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including joint ventures and investments, reverse takeovers
  • Franchise transactions
  • Vendor relationships
  • Large loan transactions
  • Venture capital

Public Records and Background Checks

Serving some of the largest pre-employment screening firms in Canada and the US, True North Research can provide you with a package to meet your needs. Searches include criminal record checks, driving history, as well as credit reports and reference and education checks. All screening reports comply with Canadian and US privacy laws.

Contact us 1.250.702.0810 for a Canadian perspective

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